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mad menMad Men Streaming is dedicated to the hugely successful AMC TV series Mad Men. This is the best place to find streaming services to watch Mad Men online.

How good is Mad Men? Despite delivering what was easily its weakest season ever, it’s still one of the best shows on TV. The AMC drama’s sixth season saw Don Draper returning to his hard-drinking, philandering status quo against the tumultuous political backdrop of 1968. Though the season reserved much of its forward momentum for its game-changing final episode — which laid plenty of groundwork for next year’s seventh and final season — Mad Men remained gorgeous, impeccably acted appointment television throughout the entirety of its sixth season.

                                                                                                                                          — Scott Meslow (The Week)

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Mad Men Reviews:

The last two episodes had the pace and engaging story lines I had been waiting for since the end of last year’s brilliant season. maybe they need a break every other year to really replenish the creative juices. I think the 2 year break before last year probably did a lot to make that season so great.

I thought the amount of wine drinking this season was all pretty accurate in terms of how wine was making its way into the drinking culture of this country in the late 60s. Obviously not as much as cocktailing, but some really fun moments in the episodes!

A great ending that promises a fresh and intriguing final season. This season felt like a re-hash of season 3-historical events, don cheating with a boring woman, homosexual plotline, funny violent scenes, don’s childhood-so here is hoping for a great final season to one of the best tv shows ever.

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